I know you’re tired, but please…

I know you’re all sick of it, ready for the politics to be over.  The amount of shit you see on your Facebook news-feed, Twitter feed, and probably even Instagram feed, tends to be a mangled combination of rhetoric regarding top contenders for the the presidency. You are inundated with Trump news, Hillary news, and Bernie news until you aren’t sure whether you can close your eyes at night without seeing some meme or article. But here’s the thing: this shit is important. Whoever gets the Presidency in this election sets the tone for the next four years, or more. They are the person we call Commander-in-Chief who is capable of bringing us into yet another war, who makes the executive decisions regarding our life and our livelihood (in addition to House and Senate candidates, which is another reason to educate yourself on down-ballot contenders). It is important. It’s one of the most important decisions, we the People, make. It’s an honored right.

​Societies have fallen due to poor leadership. They have flourished with good leadership. So participating in the primaries is actually extremely relevant. Following the primaries, educating yourself on these candidates’ platforms is hugely important. And I’m not asking you to pick my candidate (Bernie Sanders, in-case you’re wondering). I’m asking you to honestly look at each candidates’ platform, their policies and past votes, their time spent in other offices, and to evaluate whether or not you can vote for them. I want you to look at your conscience and to see whether you can honestly agree with their actions. At this point, IN MY OPINION, name recognition isn’t enough.

​​We are on the verge of a cross section of watershed moments. Climate change may bring us down an irretrievable path, as we continue to destroy the only world we have by allowing the continued use of fossil fuels and by participating in destructive behavior such as fracking. One more war can set off a chain of events that bring us to a much grander concert. The level of income inequality we currently are experiencing can lead to yet another Great Depression, especially with too big to fail banks (we have surpassed the level that existed prior to the market crash of the 1920s). The term “democratic republic” can no longer be used to accurately describe our current government due to the mass amounts of money infiltrating the landscape in the form of campaign donations and lobbying power. Our children will inherit a broken system fraught with corruption in a world that is warming faster than any previous time in human history.

​​This isn’t just about us, the here and the now, it’s about the next generation, and beyond.  It’s about positioning ourselves to improve for our children and our children’s children.  And I honestly don’t see people absorbing that notion.  There is an undercurrent of selfishness in most arguments. Or the desire to point to a person and tell them they are wrong without allowing room for growth. And it pains me.

​Please, read what you can about the policies proposed, even ones you feel might be pie-in-the-sky ridiculous. Educate yourself about the candidates, and look extensively at what they say and how they act, whether they would bring us to a better future, or maintain the status-quo, or whether it appears they do have the People at their heart’s center, or if they maintain utterly selfish prerogatives. Then choose whoever your mind and heart can allow you to choose. And vote. Participate. Spread the word.

Don’t shirk from this duty. Don’t run from voicing your opinion (although do so with respect and dignity to ALL people). And share — share the information. Get the word out. Get the vote out.

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