War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

Education is a thing of beauty.  With more information we have more opportunity at our fingertips.  That is, if we don’t get jaded and disillusioned by the overwhelming amount of shit happening in this world.  You can go on any news website and they have pages and pages and pages dedicated to the latest crisis here, the newest civil rights issue, the terror being spread across the world.  It’s disarming.  And you begin to realize in how much of a bubble you actually live.

But education also can induce empathy and sympathy in people.  Education is, in fact, one of the greatest weapons.  It destroys ignorance on certain subjects and forces issues to the fore.  The only problem, though, is when you begin to see people willfully ignoring fact and circumstance and blindly following in the footsteps of some suave spoken politician or presence.  This world is perpetual chaos and reading and hearing about all the vast nuances of communication that can make or break relationships is mind-boggling.  What’s even more mind-boggling is that we, as humans, as humanity, believe we are somehow superior to this planet we live on.  That somehow in the whole vast scheme of things we will make an everlasting impression.

We are but a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction (I can keep going) of all that has ever been and all that will ever be.

Why do we think we are the end all and be all of the universe?  Even if you take a creationist stand and believe that this world is only a mere 6,000 years old, why do you think you are more important than anyone else?  People lived and died before you.  They loved and hated before you.  Others will live long after you and die long after you.  They will love, hate, fight wars, cry, make babies, and exist just as you are now.

My mind is a great mess of thoughts and emotions right now.  I have spent a lot of the past week reading news stories on a variety of subjects, even things that wouldn’t typically interest me, but for the sake of knowledge and coming to a rounded out conclusion, I dove in and read and researched things to better understand them.  What is my final conclusion?  What grandiose idea have I come to?  We fight wars, we debate topics, and to what fucking end?  In all likelihood we will be the ones that destroy Earth, we will be the ones that kill the only home we’ve ever known, and all the while, rather than taking responsibility, owning up and rectifying it, and maybe saving ourselves in the process, rather than all that, we will be standing there pointing the finger of blame to someone else just so we can stand haughtily with our noses in the air looking down on someone or something we think isn’t as good or as important.

We are no longer a humble society.  We think because we have higher intelligence that we are somehow better, but you know what, for all that fucking intelligence we are animals that kill each other.  We have just figured out more technologically advanced ways of doing it.  Rather than claws and teeth, we use knives and guns.  Rather than throwing a fist out, we bully and condemn people for who they are, how they are born, what they think and what they believe.  I am not above any of this.  I have said harsh words about people’s beliefs and questioned their moral integrity as a way of lashing out.  We use words and actions to convey the truths we know, but in the process we close our minds to other understandings.  For what?  To what end?  So we can stand on the highest hill and claim it to be ours?  Why not act for the good in humanity and not act in a selfish, self-absorbed way that leaves others to suffer horribly.

After reading about international problems, like ISIL and Ukraine, and then reading about domestic issues, like Ferguson and civil rights, LGBTQ and civil rights, education reform, our economy, all of it; it’s overwhelming.  There is no such thing as peace.  We will never not be fighting something.  If you choose to define peace by accepting rules, regulations, or life, the world population will never be 100% satisfied.  Where does that leave us?  What is the point?

The point is that collectively, we are a global society; we are all humans, and as such, we are obligated to guarantee the future of our society, of our humanity.  Every animal has a right to fight for survival, and we do too.  It’s just a shame that we decided to fight among ourselves rather than cooperate to ensure our survival.  As a whole, we refuse to acknowledge that every person is a small part to a much larger puzzle.  We need each other to guarantee the continued existence of human life.  Every.  Single.  Person.  Every one of them plays a significant role in the future of the human race.

When you gather twigs, you can break each twig independently.  They are fragile and are oftentimes subject to more powerful forces.  When you bundle twigs they become much harder to break.  And in fact, when they are bundled, they shield each other and gain strength and can absorb the shock of attempts to break them.  It would be nice if we could reflect on that image and then bring this profound truth into our ever dissenting society.

I was telling a friend that it hurts to see this stuff.  It hurts to read this stuff.  It physically makes me ache.  I am far too empathetic because when I read about all these things, I ache, I physically ache.  My empathy, though, is what makes me strong.  It is what helps me learn and what helps me try to understand.

I may not be religious, I may not have traditional faith, I may not think that an all-powerful god exists and is writing down some all-encompassing playbook, but I do know that the harmony with which we interact with other people, with our world and earth, is important to maintaining and sustaining life.

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