Visiting relatives.

Chewie and I are in Ames this weekend, visiting with my sister and Jeff.  And the boys.  Chewie loves seeing his auntie and uncle and cousins, though I am not too sure his cousins know what to think of him yet.  Whenever he gets hyper, he tucks his tail, pins his ears, and runs like a little black bullet around and round and round.  Leroy and Quincy kind of just watch him quizzically, slightly unsure what to make of the new animal in the house.  Occasionally they will jump up on the couch, something Chewie is still incapable of doing, having short little legs, and sit there staring at him with their head cocked to one side.  I am happy that Chewie gets along with the boys so well.  The fact that he can social with other animals makes me happy.  Our family dog, Ginger (rest in peace), was not that good at interacting with other animals.  We never really socialized her the way she should be.  Chewie has the advantage of having two cousins and a sister (Auri, my cat) to interact with.  Though Auri is not exactly the most welcome feline.  She kind of tolerates the hyper little dog that has invaded her space.  Not as many swats atop the head, anymore, so I will call that progress.

Currently we are all lounging in Andrea and Jeff’s apartment (that is approximately twice the size of the little Hobbit hole I call a home) watching Runaway Bride.  Chewie has yet to sit down and is exploring the place and playing off and on with the boys toys.  The boys are curled up around Jeff (most likely hiding from the speedy fur ball running around).  It’s a peaceful scene on a peaceful day.



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