The fatal flaw.

I have discovered the fatal flaw in my plan re: going back to school.  It’s the paper writing.  It’s as if my mind has completely wiped the how-to knowledge.  I wrote an outline yesterday, and was, I hope, fairly successful in adding what I needed, cutting off extraneous thought, mixing idea with fact, have the flow of the paper seem natural, it’s just the actual writing the damn paper and filling in those blanks with other words that is befuddling me.  I seriously sat in front of a blank screen for over thirty minutes last night before forcing myself to shut down and “call it quits” because sometimes over thinking a paper is just as detrimental as thinking too little on a paper.  (My mom has an awesome story she likes to tell about that train of thought.)

I am currently trying to warm my brain up (i.e. mental aerobics) by writing this as I play with Chewbacca.  Though his desire to eating his rawhide on my computer is not benefiting anyone, least of all him.  I live in a tuna can and over half the floor space is taken up by cat and dog toys and sleeping spaces.  I just keep thinking I need a bigger place.  A tuna can for one adult can sometimes feel too small.  Try three inhabitants, one of which has a play area full of toys that mysteriously end up sprawled across the apartment, reaching under couches, bookcases, television stands.  You name it, Chewie has probably managed to squeeze a toy there and then whine until it is found.  I also find it humorous that his two favorite toys are Auri’s.  Auri is not too amused, though.  

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