Saturday fun day.

It seems that today is a day for updates. Resumes, cover letters, blogs, itunes, awesome new games like Scramble with Friends and Draw Something. Did I mentioned that for my twenty-sixth birthday I received an iPhone from my parents? How freaking sweet is that? And they took the family out to this great little wine bar in Chicago called Webster’s Wine Bar. Amazing food, amazing wine, amazing time with friends and family. A bill that probably should have paid for a small studio apartment, but with nine people and four bottles of delicious wine, can’t really complain too much. And I must, again and again and for the seventy-fifth time, THANK my Dad for being the wonderful host. The last couple of years have been difficult, and it has made me realize the importance of family more and more. With my parents getting older and, well, let’s face it, my sister and I getting older, I think it is extremely important to hold on to those familial ties. Granted, sometimes the annoyance level sky-rockets, but it never seems too dramatic anymore. Maybe life experiences like leaving your fiance, starting over, and moving across the country will do that to you. Big, huge, ginormous things in the past just seem small potatoes in comparison. The only real thing I wish was different was my residence. I miss Chicago terribly. And I miss my friends there. And I especially miss that alive feeling I got when I was there. Poor, but more alive than anything I feel here in Iowa. And I think some of it has to deal with wanting to surpress those uncomfortable memories of when Jonathan and I were here. It’s been over a year, but when I drive through Iowa City, it feels fresh and painful. At least I am not biting my nails anymore! Huzzah!

Since I have no internet at home, I have been sitting at the local Starbucks hoarding the connection. They appear to be cleaning up for the evening, so I think I am going to scoot. Hopefully more updates will happen. I need to make more of an effort to get my ass up and moving in the morning. Peace out guys. And thank you for reading.

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