Belief and love; real faith.

I am currently reading a new book called “By the Iowa Sea”.  It is a memoir written by Joe Blair about the Iowa floods of 2008 and how they affected his life and his marriage and his family.  So far, as I am only 36 pages in, I am greatly impressed.  He writes as a modern day Hemingway.  Short, blunt sentences that carry more meaning than what is on the page.  I want to share something that he wrote, something that hit me and I wholeheartedly agree with:

“This is how love works.  It’s belief that brings love into being.  As if from thin air.  Belief.  An ethereal notion.  An idea that has the power to create and destroy.  We need it, this belief.  This prayer.  This hope.  So that, in time, when the future is worn away by the present, the past might show that we have held up some kind of light, however dim, in the darkness of the world.”


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