The philosophy of life.

The past few days have left me pondering life.  What do we live for?  Who do we live for?  Why do we go through all of it?  That greatest clichéd question of: what is the meaning of life?  I think people always assume it is some profound unanswered question that the Almighty will tell us when we reach the pearly gates, but I think the truth is something far more simple, but still harder to understand.  What if the meaning of life is simply to live.  But then it spirals into “what is living?”  But even more truth comes from that: living is how we define it.  If you are unhappy with your life, is it not true that it means we are unhappy with what we are doing.  There are obligations, societal rules, certain responsibilities that we cannot put off, however, who says there is only one way to go about accomplishing those things?  How come there is such a precedent on making money, but 90% of the people you ask dislike how they come about getting their money.  But it still leads me to question how people can combine their greatest pleasures with the requirements of life.  Not everything is easy, even though they say that doing what you love means you never have to work a day in your life.  But what if you love photography, writing, drawing, or any other art where you have to work your way through the trials and errors of editors and agents?  While you enjoy making your art, you still have to provide for yourself and loved ones.  So you spend countless hours, days, months, and years working towards that big break where you can get paid for your passion by doing what?  Working menial jobs, hitting your head against the wall wondering why, why, why do I have to do this?  Will you feel more accomplished since you climbed the rungs of the ladder one tormented step at a time, or will you look back and loathe the experience?  The saying goes life is not about the destination, but the journey.  Do we take the straightest, quickest, most manageable route, or should we wind through the mountains, taking in all the scenes, the possibilities, the experiences?  And if we do, and it takes longer than expected, do we have the support from friends and family if we have to double back because we landed ourselves in a dead-end?

Metaphorically or not, life is about living, about finding what makes us smile and laugh and brings us joy and love and experience; trial and error help with these things, but knowing oneself, truly looking in the mirror and seeing not only all the beneficial, beautiful things, but also the not-so-pretty, the things we want to change, aid us in our travels.  Waxing intellectual but providing no advice, I guess maybe this post is more of a practice in writing out what I think.  Maybe looking for an answer from someone else.  Compare and contrast, like we did in grade school.

One thought on “The philosophy of life.

  1. squiznit says:

    this is a good blog, nice and simple answer to the most complex of questions.. I think the meaning of life is whatever you want it to be really thats why there’s so many answers.. but I agree with your idea that the meaning of life is to live

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