I know. Do you know? You know?

There are moments that seem sublimely perfect.  The music, the look, the smell, even, all come together to create this beautiful tapestry of life.  The colors of the sky, the warmth of the sun and the shimmering light cause the green leaves to glitter, illuminating hidden shades of lime, chartreuse, and Kelly green.  I cannot wait until the season changes and with it, the leaves.  Fall in the Midwest is a beautiful site.  The trees erupt in color; browns, purples, reds, oranges, and yellows.  These sites I once took for granted.  I plan to make the most of this season and capture the colors, the feel, as best I can.  Writing, photography, even baking and the smells associated with October and November.  They cause deep vibrations of pleasure in me, humming just under the surface, almost purring in contentment at the crisp air and slight chill, the taste of pumpkin and nutmeg, cinnamon and sweet potato, the smell of spice.  It is during this time that I come most alive.  To deprive me of this, of the change, of the beauty associated with it, is cruel.  I will gladly take the blistering heat, the frigid cold, the windy days, and the insistent rain, so I can have Fall days.

There is excitement in the unknown, but there is also peacefulness in what is familiar.  Especially if you still enjoy and relish in the familiar.  And what I mean is, if you still find new hidden treasures in the familiar, and it doesn’t drone on in a monotonous bore for minutes and hours on end.  As long as you can find unknown in the known, there will always be pleasure in coming back to what you know.  You know?  (Okay, I added that last little part because of the ridiculous amount of times I used “know” in the last paragraph.  Yes, I have the best humor.)


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