Quote me.

I am looking for quotes.  All forms of amazing and witty, educational and silly, bland and colorful quotes.  I want to decorate my life with them; wrap them around me like a blanket in the midst of a cold winter.  Some of the most meaningful lessons we learn from the words of others and how we interpret them into our own life.  Universal truths stalk us through the pages of books and articles written, and we must learn to accept these witty insights into our lives.  Many of us are too blinded by negativity and pain, innocence or ignorance, to fully understand how deeply words and thought can affect us.  So send me your quotes.  Pass them along as sacred gifts.  Encourage me to look into new and exciting witticisms, laugh at the cosmic chaos, and open my eyes to the befuddled existence of words of the ages.  Quote me, book me, lyric me… send them with expedited care.

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