I apologize for my lack of updates.  Not only have I been without a computer, but my schedule has picked up considerably.  I began my job with Public Outreach Fundraising this week and it has eaten up my usual writing time (which just means I get to figure out a new schedule, something I am okay with because I finally have a job).  I think I am going to really enjoy working there.  The people I have met, thus far, have been friendly, outgoing, warm, energetic, and all around opposite from what I have previously dealt with in job scenarios (minus a select few who are, to this day, some of my best friends).  Because of that I think this job will be a wonderful experience.  It provides some freedom for writing while maintaining an income.  And that kicks ass.  Especially since I get benefits, too, and a steady income.  That’s right, NOT commission based.  (P.S. They are always looking for new hires, so you should check them out if you are looking, and tell them this wonderful girl pointed you in their direction.)

But, as it is almost 7:30 AM and I need to leave to catch the train, I am signing off and stepping out into the already HOT HOT HEAT to get to work.  I LOVE THAT I CAN SAY THAT NOW!

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