Pirate words.

Well, I need a new computer… and I cannot afford one.  I am ready to scream bloody murder at someone.  My computer has acted odd.  Actually, odd is too small, inconvenient of a word.  I will be writing and it will highlight and delete everything I just wrote, or hop into the middle of a sentence four lines up.  I have had to re-type this opening SIX times because of these antics.

I guess it is true… when something begins something else ends, or vice versa.  Good things happening in one area of my life and then technology, which the world seems helplessly based on, begins to fail me.  Frustration is oozing out of me like sweat.

2 thoughts on “Pirate words.

  1. runningmocha says:

    Hi. You don’t know me irl, and I realize this might come across as stalkerish and creepy but I wanted to thank you. I found your orginal blog years ago when I lived in Iowa City and was on livejournal. You had posted some Imogen Heap Lyrics on there and I immediately started following. I’ve read about you for the last 6 or so years, and read as you celebrated, live, loved, fell in love, and then…well out of it. (sorry about that). While you were doing this, I was experiencing the same in my life and ultimately wound up with my heart broken. It hurt so bad, I thought i was dying. Not sure when I lost track of your LJ and found you again on WordPress, but I wanted to thank you. You’ve been incredibly strong through all of this bad, and it has shown me that I can be strong too. You survived, and so can I. Thanks so much for writing.

  2. Stephanie Anne says:

    Thank you for reading. I hope things are improving in your life. Heartbreak is always difficult. There is no getting around that. But through thick and thin, it is important to know that there is always something more, something new and wonderful, waiting out there. Thank you, again, for reading. It makes me happy to know that there is someone out there enjoying my words.

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