My weekend was “Go Do” by Jonsi.

Listen to the song (“Go D0“).  Also “Animal Arithmetic.”  Those two songs, with their exploration of sound mixed with high energy rhythms and melodic moments, do a wonderful job of giving an auditory example of this past weekend and yesterday.  I cannot help but smile, maybe even begin swaying and dancing, as I close my eyes and soak the music in.  It hits somewhere deep in my chest and it acts like a breath of fresh air; invigorating and light and alive.  It’s hopeful, like for the first time the pieces of the puzzle are coming together and I am seeing a hint of the picture on the cover of the box.

Not only did I have a fun-filled, random weekend involving tattoos, amazing food, a drunk birthday boy, Wiener Circle (they have a vegetarian hamburger now!), and long nights reminiscent of the all-nighters pulled in college, but also I am now interning with the Metro in Chicago.  I could not stop smiling last night.  That is until I fell asleep.  Even then, though, the dreams were pleasant.


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