I want to dance around listening to “Go Do” by Jonsi.

I have the worst writers block now.  I hope that just beginning to type will help somehow rectify itself and allow for my thoughts to become linear and actually produce something somewhat comprehensible.  I think the reason I am having such a difficult time writing today is because my mind is wandering.  The sun is shining and it’s producing this desire to just set off on an adventure.  The strictures of life just seem to bog me down.  I am exhausted, mentally, constantly being reminded how little my degrees mean.  Emotionally it is difficult to go through the multiple rejections.  And physically I am simultaneously bursting with unspent energy and dragging (the dragging, I believe, is really an emotional response that is manifesting itself in that ugh-I-have-to-move lethargy).

I want to go on a road trip.  I want to set off and not look back.  Life’s obligations are getting in my way, though.  It feels like I am a bird that has clipped wings.  Someone has grounded me and I can no longer fly, but I keep looking at the sky wishing to touch the clouds.  I almost said reach the sun, but that reminded me of the Greek story of Icarus.  Fly too high, you burn up.

Sorry for the rather short submission…

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