Sunny days.

The weather here in California is what I would have normally felt in mid to late May in Iowa.  The sun is out, a nice, cool breeze is ruffling up my hair, and it is the right temperature to wear jeans and a tank top and not be cold.  And it’s the beginning of March.  Midwest, the weather out here has you beat.  But that’s about the only thing I like about California.  Well, and maybe the food.  There are a lot more vegetarian/vegan options.  It’s like being meat-free and healthy is a part of the tapestry of Davis.  Two great things, but still not enough to make me desire a longer stay.  I must admit, though, that days like today just make me want to spend as much time outside as possible.  It invigorates, inspires, it’s just beautiful.  I wish I had brought my camera.  I was so concerned with making sure I had my iPod all charged up and that the right songs were on it that I walked out the door before looking around and noticing the photographic potential.  I have to keep telling myself I have a relatively good eye.  We are our own worst critics, right?

When I was walking around earlier, I had the distinct feeling that I did not look like I fit in.  My wardrobe has very distinct colors, that is to say distinct, dark colors.  I have more blacks, greys, and browns, colors that are more popular for winter in the cold, cloudy parts of the United States.  I recently got a couple of shirts from Urban Outfitters, and they are either black or white.  And I colored my hair an auburn hue, and it is rather vibrant, but in the dark and bold way.  With these colors, I looked like I would be at home walking down the street of some Midwest or East Coast metropolitan area rather than the sidewalks of a Californian town.  I am not sure I will ever be able to fully adopt the fresh colors out here.  The oranges, pinks, yellows and golds, tan, and whites.  I prefer blacks, greys, navy blues, browns, and darker hues of naturally bright colors, like pumpkin and eggplant.  Yum.  Pumpkin sounds delicious right now.

I feel stuck in a literary rut.  Nothing is really catching my attention.  I hate when I am not in the middle of reading a book.  I technically am in the middle of one, but it has not been really catching my attention.  I feel like my head has been full of nonsense, and trying to push more in (not that the book is nonsense, in fact it’s a beautifully written book) is causing me to just get irritated.  I rarely get in these anti-reading moods, but I am definitely in one now.  I want to listen to music more or playing video games.  Speaking of video games, Dragon Age II came out last Tuesday.  I was, well, still am, obsessed with the first one.  I have played the game several of times, and even went through Awakening.  The second Dragon Age has been on my wish list since it’s conception.  I just don’t have to finances to get it right now.

Since it is such a brilliant day, I think I will go spend more time in the rays.  Vitamin D, here I come.  And maybe some Starbucks.  Iced coffee deliciousness.

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