Need to.

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to grab your attention?  You are just waiting to be inspired, and you actively go in search of inspiration, and everything is lacking.  Where the previous day you felt light and happy, there is now only a darkness and a weight.  It’s easy to allow yourself to succumb to those negative thoughts even though you strain to be positive.  You strain to welcome the good, the light, the beauty, the happiness, but there is this ever-present black cloud hanging just above your head.  You let the smallest moment of doubt dampen whatever happiness you had been feeling.  It’s a poison.  It may be a small amount, just on the lips, but it begins to drift through your system until it has infected you so thoroughly that it is an effort to even lift your head.  Negative thought, unintentional or intentional as it may be, acts as a poison.  You let your guard down for an instant, and then all forms of negativity haunt everything.  Wasn’t I just preaching the other day about how my thoughts create my world, and I need to begin keeping a positive attitude?  I was.  I need to, still.

2 thoughts on “Need to.

  1. caffeinerd says:

    Yep. Those are the days that I realize, much as I generally feel “over” it now…my depression was/is real. No matter how well everything’s going in my life…those days I just can’t snap out of it!

  2. Stephanie Anne says:

    I am having one of those days. I am letting all these negative thoughts seep into my head. About CA, about Jonathan’s dad, about everything it feels like. And I have been trying to “snap out of it” as much as I can, but cumulous nimbus is hovering and that little inkling is there. It doesn’t help that it is not a sunshiny day, but raining heavier than it has since the new year out here. BAH!

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