I rarely allow myself to look online at the clothing stores I admire, but today was different.  Warm weather is slowly coming my way out here in Davis, and I felt a desperate need to get some shockingly cute new gear.  I love updating my shirts and dresses for warm weather and thus I went to and Urban Outfitters.  I found a cute tunic shirt and a shirt dress at Modcloth, and then three shirts/tanks from Urban Outfitters.  I purchased a shirt solely for St. Patrick’s Day.  I am assuming that we will have NOWHERE to go, which is usual for me, but to dress appropriately will be sweet.  This is the shirt I ordered, and I LOVE IT.  Especially because of its reference to Always Sunny.  I definitely have more desires… SO MANY MORE.

2 thoughts on “CLOTHES!

  1. caffeinerd says:

    I stalk the heck out of ModCloth…but have yet to actually purchase anything. I mostly lust after the dresses, and tend to fear they’ll be too short in reality…

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