Say that you’ll stay…

Last week my dad and I went out to Davis, California.  We were scouting out what is to be my future home.  By this weekend, Jonathan and I will have packed up our belongings and set out to SLC.  We will be staying with his parents for four weeks before making our final transition to the West Coast.  The experience, which includes the visit, meeting the people, viewing my new stomping grounds and establishing a visual of the place that I will call home for five years, was overwhelming.  Both in the positive and negative sense.  California is vastly different than the Midwest.  Some will try to deny this, and others readily agree.  I feel divided.  Sacramento, the state capitol, was less overwhelming to me than the seclusion that Davis presented.  It was an island amongst farmland.  One of the things my father kept commenting on was this seclusion that added to it’s appeal; I felt the complete opposite.  It sent shivers down my spine.  I began feeling like it was a warm, sunny, palm tree decorated prison. UCD being an agricultural school, my liberal arts education felt useless.  I was used to walking around a campus and seeing literature next to laptops, not graph paper, science books and charts.  It felt like a conservative town wrapped in a pretty, liberal package.  Individuals I met waxed intellectual on the theory of different scientific processes, and stated that Sac State, Davis’s closest state sponsored higher education, was more practical in it’s instruction.  It made me think that the one place I did belong in California was San Francisco, and more specifically, on the University of California-Berkeley campus.

But despite my fears and worries, I am still following through and moving the 2,000 + miles to California.  Jonathan and I are packing up the apartment.  Bit by bit we are sorting through the old and choosing which items are coming along to our new life.  Davis always seemed like a good idea.  On paper, it was the perfect choice.  I just hope that my initial fears do not prevent me from exploring and carving out the perfect spot for me.

I just know that I am going to miss the Midwest, and more specifically, the friends I have here.  I am leaving some of the best people and it saddens me.

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