Life. It knows how to get you.

1.  Dad is in the hospital.  He has a bad case of pneumonia.  He was sick over the weekend, and it just sounded bad.  Apparently Monday night he was so worn out and felt so bad that he was stumbling and couldn’t really walk.  Mom took him to the ER.  He was admitted.  He either leaves today or Friday.  I am worried about him.  He is getting older.  And the fact that he couldn’t walk really scared me.  Of course when Mom told me, she was her cheery self.  You see, even when things are pretty bad, she won’t let on until they are super bad.  This also adds some extra stress to me because I have surgery in less than a week and I cannot, ABSOLUTELY CANNOT, get a chest cold.  Or any other sickness, for that matter.

2.  Mom and Dad are looking at condos out in Davis.  They want to purchase one so we have a residence out there, and then when Jonathan and I move to wherever post the five-year expectancy, it will be one of their (or one of their) place(s) of retirement.  Looked at some listings Dad sent.  There is this one condo that looks like it has some real potential.  It’s high compared to what we see here in Iowa, but cheaper than what you would see in the Chicago area.  But only marginally.  The problem is is that since I haven’t been out there, and Jonathan has only been in the immediate Davis area, then we don’t have much to go on.  I know Dad plans on taking a trip out there, as do Jonathan and I, in the not too distant future.  Things would be much easier if we could lock in a place to live, then we would have a better picture of how to put the rest of this puzzle together.

3.  Surgery is less than a week.  Fourth one in seven months.  Sixth overall from 2007.  Everyone I know, myself included, is hoping this is the last.  Fin.  FINAL.  My doctor seems very hopeful.  The chance of this sticking is 70% higher than a first round.  Keep good thoughts coming and fingers crossed and what not.

4.  A thing that some of you don’t know, and I would encourage you to keep quiet if you know us, Jonathan’s dad has stomach cancer.  He is over halfway done with chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  He has lost a considerable amount of weight in the process.  We usually hear tri-weekly updates on how he is doing.  It has been beyond hard dealing with this.  So far the treatment is taking and things look positive, but in the back of Jonathan and I’s head is that there is a five year prognosis with stomach cancer.

5.  Jonathan is working on his thesis.  It has been time consuming and by that I mean it has taken all his time.  Even though I live with fiance I feel like I rarely get to see him.  It was almost as if the fates decided to tsunami us with every possible worry in the book during these past few months.

6.  Last but not least, work sucks.  There has been some annoying behavior from D.  Like she is jealous about how I interact with my co-workers.  And she has been stressing me out by yo-yo-ing me back and forth with responsibility.  Giving it to K.D. and then telling people to come to me instead.  Asking me to do things that would normally be done by the person in charge at the end of the night, but then expecting K.D. to receive all the credit (which he takes, anyways).

I have been having super bad indigestion.  When I talked to my doctor team, worried that it might be something related to my upcoming surgery, they believed it was just stress.  I have been under so much pressure that I now can no longer eat certain things without heartburn, vurping (vomit burping), or generally feeling ill to my stomach.  All I know is that I hope it’s not an ulcer.  Because I sure as fuck don’t need that.

On the positive side, only approximately three more months at the current job I have.  Bad side is that I don’t have anything after that, but I am to the point where the end of the tunnel is that I get to leave my job.  And most of the people who work there.

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