I rocked it.

Yesterday was Kyla and Shawn’s wedding.  It was difficult for me to go to it.  I am sure there were times when I looked like I had smelt shit and was blatantly pissed off, because let’s face it, I was.  Her matron of honor made a statement in her speech.  She said, “I was so happy Kyla asked me to be her matron of honor.  I had just gone through planning a wedding and was happy to share all my knowledge.  It was all for naught because she already had it pretty much planned by the time we finally got to see each other.”  Do you know who she planned it with?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  It was me.  I told her the design of her bridesmaids dresses.  I sat for hours looking at wedding invitations (the one’s she picked).  And wedding dresses.  When she wanted Kinnick Stadium for a certain date and they told her no, I told her how to put the right kind of pressure to get the venue.  Everything that was done last night was either ran by me or suggested by me.  And yet I had no part in that wedding at all.    In fact, she didn’t talk to me besides three times.  Two of which were forced by situation.  And each time she changed the subject to some superficial rambling.  Throughout the night, any time we happened to be too close to one another, a bridesmaid stationed herself between us and what appeared to be the behest of Kyla.  I am just overjoyed that I no longer have an obligation to her.

I did get my wish though.  I wanted to be the most beautiful girl in the room.  And from the looks on the bridesmaids faces, from other people’s faces, for that matter, and for the fact that every single one of Kyla and I’s friends said I looked stunning, I think I accomplished my goal.  Each and every one of the guys said I looked stunning.  Corey, being a dick and someone who can’t control his thoughts in front of people, was the most blatant in stating, “Jonathan, I really wish I could just fuck her.”  Dennis kept giving me hugs and telling Jonathan that he was lucky (Jonathan) because he had never seen a more beautiful woman in his life.  I was swelling with pride.  As was Jonathan.  You could see his smile just get bigger and bigger each time someone made a comment like that.  He knew it was making me happy, and therefore it was making him happy.

I wish I had more pictures of my dress, but I don’t.  In four inch heels, I was still shorter than Jonathan, and most of the guys, but was still ridiculously tall.  It was hard to get a full head to shoe shot, so after a couple of attempts, I gave up.  Sorry.  However, here are some shots of my hair, which I LOVED.  The first one is how it looked from the back.  Originally it had a bun off to the side, but I ripped that off and did my own tuck. The next picture is how it looked from the side.  All wavy, loose curls.  I woke up this morning and my hair still looks amazing (mostly due to the whole container of hair spray that was used).  I told Jonathan that I wish I could have my hair like this everyday.  I love having body to it.  It normally lies so flat and limp (That’s what she said!  Just laugh, don’t question whether I am sober or not, which I am.  Sober, that is.).

The only jewelry I wore was from Kaitlyn and her Manakin Jewelry line.  The earrings you see above.  I wore a pair of Jessica Simpson nude heels, which according to Jonathan made me look about four inches of just legs taller.  Which was the whole goal.  STRETCH  ME OUT.  I am already in a black dress, which thins you, but add on four more inches of leg, and I looked willowy.  So, all in all, I rocked it.  The only thing I wish I rocked better was my attitude.  I got so pissed at one point I started crying.  I wish that didn’t happen.  Because honestly, she doesn’t deserve my tears.  Or hostility, or anger.  In all honesty, she doesn’t deserve anything more from me.

P.S. Shawn rocked his speech last night.  It was the best thing about the whole evening.  Without a doubt.

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