Picture this.

Lately I have been intrigued by other people’s art.  Whether it be writing, photography or design (example, my friend Kaitlyn who makes jewelry – http://www.manakinjewelry.com). I have so many talented friends and they are all attempting to make a living through their art form.  I need to hop on the train.  I think I would be so much happier with my situation in life if I was doing something I loved.  Rather than shipping out small tubes of synthetic DNA.  Another reason why this move will be so perfect.  But it has the possibility to fail.  Miserably.  I might find myself working at some shit job.  I can’t think that way, though.  I have to maintain a positive outlook.  I have to believe there is something out there for me.  I have to believe that I can even find something in my field.  Something that an English major and Religious Studies major would want to do.  Would be capable of doing, and doing well.

My dream is not to teach.  Even though I want to teach.  When I think of the perfect job.  Something that would keep me deliriously happy, it is to own and operate my own book store.  But not some Barnes and Noble chain.  No.  I want to own and operate my own hole in the wall book store.  I want to have a cafe in it that would sell not just coffee and sweet treats, but have a lunches and breakfasts and dinners.  Soups and salads along with desserts.  Coffee and tea.  And then local artists could decorate our walls and benefit by being sold there.  And jewelry makers could sell their wares.  And photographers and local musicians.  A mecca for the artistic.  But our world is dominated by chains.  And now more so than ever, the internet.  Amazon.com has a monopoly over “everything” shopping.  Who wants to get off their asses and go to a store?  I do.  I want to sit with the books and smell them.  I want to see the divergent perspective of different people in a community, whether it be from a photographer’s eye or a sculptor’s or a painter’s.  I want chef’s who want to explore the vegetarian world and want to use only organic foods and want to put out a healthy diet to customers.  But with this economy, it’s just a pipe dream.  Unless somehow I land into some money, or find that money tree, it doesn’t look like it will ever happen.

Some more writing will get done this weekend.  I have plans to live at the library Saturday and Sunday.  It will be nice.

One thought on “Picture this.

  1. caffeinerd says:

    Honestly I can’t see myself ever doing anything to actively pursue it, but owning a cafe/bookstore has always been one of my dreams, too. Especially after reading Bookends by Jane Green 😉

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