Musical Compatibility.

Today was a day that was spent listening to all sorts of music.  New music.  Old music.  Fun music.  Screaming music (ick!).  And I got to thinking about how important music is in relationships.  I always find that most of my friendships, the lasting ones, have a strong basis in musical compatibility.  There are definitely exceptions to that, but for the most part, I share musical taste with all the people I keep in touch with.  Why is that?  The biggest example of this is my fiance and I.  There have never been two more different people when it comes to likes in the entertainment sphere.  He reads non-fiction for pleasure, most being textbooks on ecology and biology.  At the rare times he does read fiction, it’s always the classics, so he can glean something from them.  He loves sports shows and doesn’t watch anything else.  I don’t watch television, but when I do, it’s always some murder mystery crime show.  Bring on the SVU binges when I am couch bound!  He can’t stand them.  He gets sick to his stomach watching cop shows.  Both of us despise T.V. for the most part, but I will purchase seasons of T.V. shows, because I would rather watch something straight through than have to watch commercials pitching the latest ways to lose your hard earned cash.  He thinks it’s ridiculous.  Our movie tastes are drastically different.  I like indie movies, chick flicks and horror movies.  He gets nightmares if he watches any thriller.  I laugh at them!  He loves Arnold and worships the Chin in Army of Darkness.  He has tried to get me to watch This is Spinal Tap several thousands of times, but I just can’t do it. We like different movies, television shows, books!  We do have similar tastes in art.  And decorating.  We have different styles in clothing and how we approach life.  But the one thing we have a high percentage in common with each other is in music.  Not 100%, but relatively high (I am thnking about 85%).  And I keep thinking, WHY IS THAT?  WHY IS MUSICAL COMPATIBILITY SO IMPORTANT?  What is it about music that draws people together, or separates them?  Or is it just the preference of the person?  How much does music play a role in how people see themselves?  How they present themselves?  It’s an interesting question, isn’t it?  Something to ponder.  Something that I was pondering all day today.

One thought on “Musical Compatibility.

  1. caffeinerd says:

    Haha Adam and I have next to no music compatibility. I’ve grown to like some of his stuff, but a passion for Led Zeppelin is probably never going to happen.

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