After all these years I think I have finally found a way to write and keep writing.  And also, maybe, a way to get published.  I have been in a memoir mood lately (most recent being Augusta, Gone).  In memoirs, we hear a person’s story.  Their survival of something extremely difficult.  It reads much like fiction story, but carries the heart and soul of a non-fiction (since it is a non-fiction).  They are stories of facing difficulties and coming through, and some times not coming through (I speak of Nic Sheff’s Tweak where at the end he admits to having a relapse while writing the book).  However, they are stories we all can relate to, whether it be literal or not.  The more I read these things, the more I see that my writing style needs to change.  Short and succinct has never been mine, but needs to be.  These stories hold life truths that we all know and need  to learn.  Reading these true stories (or even fictionalized memoirs) helps me realize that what happens in the every day can ben extraordinary to another individual.  It helps me to realize that someone may be able to relate to my highs and my lowest lows, so why not write about them.  I do not intend to bare it all publicly on a forum such as this.  But what if I wrote once a day, kept it in a file on my computer and then at some point in the future go back and read each entry.  What if based on a theme I picked all entries that relate and am able to set up some type of premise.  Even a few sentences or paragraphs a day is better than nothing.

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