The Madness.

Jonathan and I finally have our own place.  No longer are we walking back and forth (or in older days, driving) between each other’s places.  It feels good.  It looks good too.  I was surprised at how easily things just came together.  Jonathan and I have the same aesthetic, the same feel for belongings.  He let me have the reigns for the most part, but he was definitely vocal (“I think we should get this,” “I don’t like that,” etc.).  Our guest bedroom is still in shambles, and will probably be that way for at least another two weeks.  After that, though, everything – minus a few decorations here and there – will be set up.  Including our brand spankin’ new kitchen table.  Jonathan was commenting yesterday that he really must be growing up, because he is getting more excited about furniture we have purchased than other things.  I agree, because I am in the same boat with him.


  1. Mad Men:  (Television)  KEEP WATCHING IT – if you already do – and START WATCHING IT – if you don’t.
  2. Kings of Leon:  (Music)  Remember, this is a band that had albums before Only By The Night.  I think you should try listening to songs from Aha Shake Heartbreak.
  3. Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, Charmed Thirds, and Fourth Comings:  (Books)  This series about Jessica Darling written by Megan McCafferty is brillant.  Will definitely appeal more to the female persuasion, but definitely worth mentioning to anyone and everyone.  I have recently taken to re-reading them in my bout of “OH SHIT I AM NO LONGER IN SCHOOL” angst.  Just as good as I remember.
Bookshelf 2009.

Bookshelf 2009.

3 thoughts on “The Madness.

  1. Elena says:

    Have you read Perfect Fifths yet? I need to re-read all of them first, I feel. But it’s been out for awhile…I’ve gotten lazy in my love for Jessica Darling ha.

    • enlightenedbean says:

      Have yet to read Perfect Fifths. Probably will after these re-reads are finished. I, too, have gotten lazy with Jessica. I just hope the whole Marcus thing gets resolved, and in a somewhat likable way. At the end of the fourth, I wasn’t happy. I didn’t want them to get married, but I also didn’t want it to just end. Who knows.

    • enlightenedbean says:

      I just finished reading Perfect Fifths. It is a short book, so was basically over with it in a night. In my opinion, it was absolutely brillant. I always loved Megan McCafferty’s writing, and she stunned me again. It isn’t in the familiar format, which threw me off and made me almost not want to read it. But the format kind of gets explained in the book. And you get to see things through Marcus’s point of view. It’s really good.

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