Growing Up.

For my birthday, Jonathan and I purchased furniture.  We are now the proud owners of a couch (named Optimus Couch, we are still looking to find a better name by replacing couch with something more like prime but still relates to laying down; I came up with Optimus Prone, but Jonathan vetoed that), and a love-seat (named Bumbleseat).  They are a brown color, aptly named Mocha, and has a thick yet soft fabric.  It’s firm yet sinkable.  Had to test it out by sitting, stretching out and lying in it, and doing the good old, sit with your hand in your pants test.  I am happy –  oh so happy – with our purchase.  They will be stored in warehouse until 8/1 and that way I won’t have to move them on my own.  They will be delivered to our new address come then.  Makes my moving day easier.  Next on the list of purchases we need to make is a coffee table/end table set.  Then a small two seater kitchen table.  Then various other home decor/furniture (lamps, bookcases, etc.).  Our last big purchase (which may be held off for over a year) will be a larger television.  I really am growing up!  Perfect that the beginning should be on my 23rd birthday.  


No recommendations today.  Sorry, folks.

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