Joy, joy, soy joy.

I now consider myself a full fledged vegetarian.  Before, I was staying away from meat, not yet quite able to delve into the world that is soy and protein based meat, nor could I conquer the inevitable tofu that comes with being vegetarian.  Don’t get me wrong, I had eaten tofu before this foray into meatless heaven, but I had never gotten into it.  It was bland, tasteless mush that was just too strange on the tongue.  However, I have eaten tofu.  I have enjoyed tofu.  And now I even crave tofu.  As I do all veggie style products.  Veggie dogs, veggie ribs, veggie ground beef, and oh the legumes!  The beautiful, wonderful legumes!  Black beans!  My heart sings to thee!  I made the most amazing sweet potato and black bean chili.  A pesto and spinach salad!  Oh vegetarian delight!  I sing the praises!  My mom got me two vegetarian cookbooks.  I have marked all the recipes I want to try.  I am recipe three (I only get the weekends to cook, so therefore I am also on week three) and it is Southwestern Pot Pie.  Chickpeas, peppers, corn, onions, and cornbread dumplings!  Next week is a corn casserole with black bean sauce!  I will have to start taking pictures.  

I recommend altering your diet for a healthy cause.  I decided to do, or go, vegetarian on a whim.  It was healthier, and doctor’s had recommended it to me to help with various problems I have, so I decided, “what the hell?”.  It’s a whole new world!  A whole new, wonderful world!  Try it, you might like it!

Not much else to report, but my unyielding love of legumes.  

Recommendations:  (T.V.)

  1. Burn Notice (on USA).  Jeffrey Donovan, a.k.a. Michael Weston, is awesome.  It’s a fun show.  And another big plus is Sam Axe, or also known as the amazing, brilliant, totally awesome Bruce Campbell.
  2. Blossom.  It’s no longer airing (obviously you know this unless you have been living under a rock FOREVER), however, seasons 1&2 are out on DVD.  I am the proud owner of this volume (it’s a single set).  Best show in the early 90s.  What else can I say but WHOA.  
  3. Mad Men (on AMC).  I have heard this show referred to as the SATC for men.  I can sort of see it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold an appeal for women (seeing as I am one).  Don Draper, the undeniably sexy Jon Hamm, steals the show with his deep insights (parodied on SNL) and mysterious past.  Get hooked! 





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